Monday, February 21, 2011

Czeslaw Milosz

So Little

I said so little.
Days were short.

Short days.

Short nights.
Short years.

I said so little.

I couldn't keep up.

My heart grew weary

From joy,

The jaws of Leviathan

Were closing upon me.

Naked, I lay on the shore
Of desert islands.

The white whale of the world

Hauled me down to its pit.

And now I don't know

What in all that was real


  1. Forget

    Forget the suffering
    You caused others.
    Forget the suffering
    Others caused you.
    The waters run and run,
    Springs sparkle and are done,
    You walk the earth you are forgetting.

    Sometimes you hear a distant refrain.
    What does it mean, you ask, who is singing?
    A childlike sun grows warm.
    A grandson and a great-grandson are born.
    You are led by the hand once again.

    The names of the rivers remain with you.
    How endless those rivers seem!
    Your fields lie fallow,
    The city towers are not as they were.
    You stand at the threshold mute.

  2. Ani you do not know well that this poem portrays me. My thought and my soul is as if you were well-read with this post.

  3. Jose,
    I am really happy that we DO understand each other in the world of literature and poetry!!!!
    Thank you, that's great.